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Community Day September 7th, 2023 at Lowell HS
Game Day September 22nd, 2023 at the stadium 

Lowell School Wearing Pink

About Us

There is something truly amazing happening in the Lowell school community! It’s Lowell Pink Arrow Pride. Perhaps you weren’t aware that the Lowell Pink Arrow Pride is a sensation in our community. Pink Arrow Pride 2008 was the brainchild of Lowell’s football coach, Mr. Noel Dean.

A football game was played, in rare pink jerseys, the sound of a thousand donated pink thunder-sticks was in the air, and the stadium was virtually a sea of pink. 

Cancer Fundraising Organization In Lowell, MI

We'd like to see Main Street filled with PINK! You or your organization can purchase a new banner or use the last year's banner.

Nicki Donda

Nicki lives in Charlotte, MI. She has three daughters and works as a technical analyst. She is in a women's senior softball league that just won the National Championships. She was diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer. She started using Gilda's club counseling services after her cancer diagnosis. She wants to inspire others to share their experience because there are people out there who can help.

Denise Washburn

Denise is a long time teacher for Lowell Schools. She works at Murray Lake Elementary. She is a breast cancer survivor. She is thankful for the support she received, her teaching community, her family, and her faith helped her to get through. 

Chelsea Weiskerger

Chelsea used Gilda's club for grief counseling. Chelsea grew up in Denver and came to Michigan to attend MSU. Her senior year her mother was diagnosed with cancer and the only place Chelsea could find for counseling that fit her needs was Gildas of Lowell. After graduation she moved to Atlanta and met with us via Zoom to share her story.

Mary Esparza

Mary lives in Lowell and is a librarian at Kent district library. Mary lost her husband to cancer and uses Gilda's Club for grief counseling. Mary is now going through her own cancer journey.

Rachel Francisco

Is a 2006 Lowell graduate. She is a preschool teacher in Grand Rapids. She is a stage 1B triple positive breast cancer survivor.  

Kyra Marks

Kyra is a Lowell graduate. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last year, and is a fierce fighter. She continues to compete in the wakeboard world championships. 

Pamela Topolinski

Lost her son and Patrick Kargl’s brother, Joe Kargl, in 2015 to a car accident. Utilized Gilda’s Club for grief counseling.  

Hillary Coaker

Hillary is a Lowell graduate. She is a recent lung cancer survivor. Her mother was a longtime Lowell Area Schools employee and coached with Kathy Talus, who was the main inspiration for starting Pink Arrow.

Jenny Andrews

Jenny is a recent breast cancer survivor. Jenny is thankful for the support of her family and employer for helping her through. Between her husband and her they have six children.  

2022 Sponsors

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Check us out on The Today Show

The Pink Arrow Project was featured on The Today Show, highlighting all the fabulous accomplishments of our community.

Click here to view the feature. Search "Pink Football" for clip.

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