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Lowell Class Walking Out To The Football Field In Pink Arrow Pride Shirts

About Pink Arrow Pride

There is something truly amazing happening in the Lowell school community! It’s Lowell Pink Arrow Pride. Perhaps you weren’t aware that the Lowell Pink Arrow Pride is a sensation in our community. Pink Arrow Pride 2008 was the brainchild of Lowell’s football coach, Mr. Noel Dean. A football game was played, in rare pink jerseys, the sound of a thousand donated pink thunder-sticks was in the air, and the stadium was virtually a sea of pink. Through the work of numerous dedicated volunteers and the support of our community, The Pink Arrow Pride raised $93,000 for charities.

In 2009 the community of Lowell took on a tremendous goal of raising money and totally renovating the Senior Neighbor building that would become the home to Gilda’s Club. Gilda’s Club is nationally recognized for its free cancer support community. They provide numerous programs and activities to individuals and families who are fighting cancer. Gilda’s Club is renowned for their motto, “In this together. Learn. Share. Laugh.” With your contribution, along with contributions from so many others, the goal was achieved and the Grand Opening was celebrated September 1, 2009. Along with this Pink Arrow Pride 2009 raised $116,000 for its charities.

Lowell School Wearing Pink
Lowell Football Players All Wearing Pink Jerseys

The Pink Arrow Pride experience not only raised the level of awareness about cancer and its devastating effect on families, but provided an opportunity for Lowell’s varsity football team to demonstrate that life is not just about winning football games, but that there are more important values of family, kindness, honor, and service. It was once said that “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

Pledge Of Allegiance Performance Before The Football Game

Pink Arrow Pride will continue to focus on accomplishing the main goal to continue awareness for the treatment and cure of many forms of cancer. We will also continue to support the efforts of the Lowell Area Community Wellness Organization and their work to help those struggling with cancer and provide education programs. And, of course, we will work to increase and maintain student scholarships in honor of Kathy Talus, a former Lowell teacher and coach who lost her battle with cancer, and Dr. Gerard who has dedicated more than 30 years to volunteering and giving care to our student athletes.

We ask you for your support. Your contribution, along with the contributions of many others, will help make a difference. The true pinnacle of Pink Arrow Pride will take place at the first varsity football game.

We thank you for your support in advance. We know the members of the Lowell Community will rise to the challenge. Just remember we are “A community fighting cancer.”

Lowell Pink Arrow Pride Committee

Lowell High School In Pink Jerseys Huddled Together To Create The Lowell Arrowhead Symbol
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